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Archived Cases of Interest

Cramer v. Starr

In Arizona, juries may now apportion fault to non-party physicians who treated plaintiff for injuries caused by a defendant’s negligence.


Palmer v. City of Phoenix

The Arizona Court of Appeals recently determined that Arizona Municipalities may exercise their discretion to abandon roadways that they may determine are no longer needed through the process of public sales.


Quiroz v. Alcoa

Arizona declines to impose a duty on an employer when a child contracts Mesothelioma as result of “take-home exposure” arising from a parent’s exposure to asbestos at the workplace.


Lee v. ING

This case examined the issue of the determination of the “successful party” in litigation arising out of contract for the purpose of an award of attorney’s fees under A.R.S. section 12-341.01(A).


Brumett v. MGA

This consolidated appeal addresses the issue of whether language contemplated by Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure 54(b) and 54(c) is required for a ruling to be appealable other than as a “final judgment” under A.R.S. § 12-2101 (A)(1).


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