7955 South Priest Drive
Tempe, Arizona, USA 85284

Our Mission: Integrity in Everything

Our mission as a law firm and as individuals is Integrity in Everything. We are committed to one another in service to our clients, to each other, to our families, and to our community.

We recognize that as a law firm, O’CONNOR & DYET exists to serve its clients. Collectively and individually we affirm that paramount reason for our affiliation. We commit ourselves to provide our clients our best effort, judgment, and advocacy, while maintaining the highest ethical standards. We commit ourselves to integrity in service to our clients.

Equally vital is our individual and collective affirmation that we best serve our clients by serving each other. We believe that an enterprise can succeed only by serving, developing, and rewarding all who join it. Fundamental to this belief is our recognition of our common humanity and aspirations for physical and emotional security, well-being, respect, and happiness. As an enterprise, O’CONNOR & DYET commits itself to serving these needs and aspirations. As individuals, we affirm our best effort, support, and respect for each other. We commit ourselves to integrity in service to each other.

The foundation of each of us is our family. Our time and effort to our firm and our clients must ultimately serve those outside of this firm who are most important in our lives. The financial rewards and professional recognition that we seek through service to our clients and others are not ends in themselves, but are rather means to provide for those who we love. We commit ourselves to integrity in service to our families.

We are also ever mindful of our obligations to the community that has created our freedoms and provided our opportunities. Our “community” may be as close as a neighborhood or as vast as this planet. As attorneys and legal professionals, we recognize that our licenses are a privilege that carries an obligation to serve the community that has entrusted to us the representation of its members and the shaping of its laws. As citizens, we affirm that our rights and opportunities rest upon the wisdom, work and sacrifices of countless others, both past and present, whose service is an example for ours. We accept and affirm our roles in stewardship for our community, its people, and its laws. We commit ourselves to integrity in service to our community.